Monday, June 4, 2012

Commitment Breakdown/Interview: Csont'e York

Csont'e York - Chandler Park Academy, Harper Woods, MI
Just under a month ago Michigan earned its 18th commitment with native Michigander, Csont'e York.  I chatted with Csont'e the day after he committed and we sort of lost contact without really finishing the entire interview, but I'll post what we discussed as well as the breakdown of his skill set.

Coach:  So how does it feel to be part of the #1 recruiting class in the country?

Csont'e:  It feels GREAT to be a part of the #1 recuiting class in the country because I'm a underrated player.  As an underrated player, playing with some of the top guys in the 2013 recruiting class is awesome!

Coach:  About that, do you feel like you should be rated higher or do you just think you have more to prove?

Csont'e:  I mean all I can do is stay humble work hard, and play to my best ability!

Coach:  So you got an offer from Michigan and committed the next day, why so fast?

Csont'e:  First of all it's the education.  Many people don't get a chance to go to Michigan AND play football. Definitely with a high education I don't have to worry about life after football, and I love it so much out there!  The coaching staff made it feel as if I were home. Its a beautiful place!

Coach:  You go to high school about an hour from Ann Arbor, so was Michigan always your dream school?

Csont'e:  No. I was actually a Sparty fan at first.

Coach:  Oh? What changed that?

Csont'e:  The Education, the location, and the coaches.  They said I wouldn't have to go to any camps because they know what I can do.

Coach:  Okay, I haven't had to ask this before, but how do you pronounce your first name?

Csont'e:  (Sontae). The C is silent.

Coach:  (Laughs) I'm guessing you've answered that before?

Csont'e:  (Laughs) Yeah, hundreds of times.

Coach:  What is your current, height, weight, and 40 time?

Csont'e:  6'3",190 lbs. and a 4.57.

Coach:  Coach Hoke is clearly recruiting receivers with size. Darboh is 6'2", Chesson is 6'3", Gant if he plays receiver is 6'2", Dukes is 6'4", you are 6'3", big tight is anyone going to cover you guys?

Csont'e:  (Laughs) I don't really know but they are going to have a hard time trying!


Speed =B+

Csont'e tells me he has a 4.57 forty time.  If that is the case, that is plenty fast for a 6'3" wide receiver.  He is a track kid too so I think this speed could be pretty close to accurate.  I don't think these high school kids intentionally lie about their speed, but a hand-timed 40 is much different than a true, electronic 40.  On his film he consistently gets behind the defense so that tells me he is by no means slow.

Agility/Athleticism = B

York uses his size and athleticism to make some decently acrobatic catches, but his film just doesn't show much run after the catch ability.  I'm not saying he doesn't have it, I just haven't seen it.  Being 6'3" definitely has its advantages and he uses them often to go up and get jump balls and fades in the end zone displaying his adequate vertical.  This grade could easily be higher than this, but there just isn't much evidence to prove that.

Catch = A-

Highlight tapes aren't going to include drops, but the way Csont'e uses his hands and height to high point the ball shows his natural ability to make receptions.  He seems to be a "hands-catcher" and not a "body-catcher" which is very important at the next level.  He will have to bulk up and make those hands stronger, but he appears to be as good as you need to be in 11th grade.

Route Running = B+

Route running is one of those things that can be hard to judge on high school players.  With York possessing good speed and being 6'3" his route running doesn't need to be very good.  He does show some good separation skills near the goal line and shows the ability to set a DB up with inside-out head and shoulder fakes.  Learning how to efficiently run routes in college can make a good receiver into a great receiver.  York has the measurables to pair with these techniques to be a real weapon.

Jumping = A-

When a receiver is 6'3" being able to jump is just an added bonus.  This is probably one of York's strongest points.  Being able to use that size and go up and get the jump ball is popular at every level of football.  I'm not sure what his vertical is but when you are 6'3" and have long arms like he does an average vertical will suffice and he appears to have a well above average vertical leap.

Size = A

Some receivers can be absolutely dominant because of their size and I think York is just shy of that size.  6'3" and 190 lbs. is a really prominent presence at wide receiver and he's probably not done growing.  When you look at the #1 player in the country from the 2012 recruiting class you'll see wide receiver Dorial Green-Beckham at 6'6" 220 lbs.  That kind of size is what we call a "freak" and York is quite shy of that, but he is definitely in the ballpark of ideally sized when it comes to receivers.

Overall = B

I think the ceiling is very high for Csont'e York.  He has a great frame for adding muscle and strength and has the track background which can breed excellent speed.  I think his level of competition and open field ability are some of the knocks on his game that resulted in him being a 3-star recruit.  With proper coaching and time to develop, however, I think Csont'e York could be a great player later in his career.  Braylon Edwards was 6'3" 200 lbs. coming out of high school.  I'm just saying....


  1. Other sites confirm Csont'e York doesn't have elite speed and much run after the catch ability/agility (and a spin move for you Coach B lol j/k)

  2. Rare find in a receiver with size. Damn that spin move woulda been nice lol.

  3. Csmooth has great hands and he's a very fluid, athletic receiver. He is going to be really tough to cover. I see him as a Jason Avant-type player. And "only" a 3* - except he's underrated and he's beating 4*s in camps...

    this class is so sick if he's one of the lowest rated players...

    oh, and he's smart, articulate and has a good head on his shoulders - typically classy kid that we are recruiting...

    1. right on with that Avant reference I was trying to find a player to compare him to from michigan as well I only thought of Laterryal Savoy (if you remember I believe he caught the touchdown or 2-point conversion to beat ND his last year on a out route in the end zone.)

    2. That was Greg Mathews, but Savoy dropped a easy touchdown a play or 2 earlier

  4. I love this class even the so called underrated guys. I this this kid is gonna be a redzone threat. Love his ability to jump for and attack the ball.

  5. Coach B, can we get a commitment profile of Maurice Hurst soon, spin moves are optional

  6. I love the fact UM is recruiting high character kids. Everyone one of them claims the education, tradition, and overall family atmosphere as their main deciding factors. At first I just thought it was a coincidence that all the recruits were so level headed but now it seems like nearly everyone is this way, it's clear these are the type of kids the coaching staff are targeting.

  7. I agree I love how we are getting high character kids that can flat out ball. Watch the film on all our commits. I've been impressed with all of them. We have such a great teaching coaching staff they will only get better.

  8. UM has added some very good WRs the last couple of years. Darboh, Chesson, York and Dukes will be hard to defend in the redzone. And there is still a chance for UM to add 2 more WRs. It's good to be a Michigan fan.

  9. Both WR Alvin Bailey and WR Paul Harris are set to visit in the next couple of weeks. Both of them would be great pick-ups.