Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Introduction: Adam Bertke

Adam Bertke - Marion High School - Maria Stein, OH
Adam Bertke is another Ohio product that has interest in the Wolverines who has the build and skill set we will soon see under center at Michigan.  Bertke has been approached by the Wolverine coaching staff but right now Michigan is not his favorite.  If Michigan starts putting in some more effort, Bertke's interest will grow but right now they have some work to do.  On film Bertke looks fundamentally sound and possesses the size you like for a pocket passing quarterback.  Entering 11th grade Bertke is at 6'5" and just under 200 lbs.  Two more years of high school football, weight lifting, and learning could really tranform Bertke into an elite prospect.  We had a very brief chat today and he was blunt with his answers which is always welcome even if it's not all pro-Michigan.

Hearing from Michigan:  One of the coaches, I forget which one, came to school back in May and talked with me, but that's about it. He just gave me a camp invitation and said they were looking at me.

Interest in Michigan:  Absolutely.  At this point, anybody who is interested in me I am definitely keeping them in mind. 

Dream school right now:  I would say definitely a Big Ten school.  Maybe Ohio St. or Michigan St.

Why OSU or MSU over UofM?:  Well they have been showing more interest in me than Michigan.  I also grew up liking Ohio State and I went to their camps and I liked their campus from what I saw.

Ohio St.'s new offense:  Well last year my football team was a big running team with the power-I, but we are switching to the spread this year so yea, I think Ohio St. is still a good option.

This kid sounds pretty home grown but you never know.  Coach Hoke has shown the ability to pluck top-level talent from Ohio and if Adam becomes one of the highly rated signal callers, I'm sure Michigan will be in the picture.  I think a lot of these Ohio kids like the idea of playing for Ohio St. but the reality is that the college level spread employed by Urban Meyer is tailored to very specific types of players.  Some kids who want to become a Buckeye won't ever get the chance, instead they can come to Michigan and beat Ohio for 4 years.


  1. I liked what I saw on his tape.

    He seems to have a (very) good arm.

    He moves around well.

    His frame is ideal.

    And he seems to be reading the defense and taking what it gives him.

  2. he goes to my high school and he is really good. GO FLYERS!