Saturday, January 19, 2013

Tyler Luatua Update

Tyler Luatua is a consensus 4-star player and the #1 TE in the 2014 class on three of the four major recruiting sites.  He is 6'4", 230 lbs. and runs like a deer.  On film he looks more like a big, athletic wide receiver than he does a tight end and would be an absolute match-up nightmare at the next level.  Michigan offered him back in June and I have been trying to talk with him ever since and yesterday we were finally able to make that happen.

Visiting Michigan:  I'm going to try to schedule a visit during my senior year.  They are one of the schools I want to visit.

Feeling Michigan:  I really want to get to know all of the coaches and see the campus.  Michigan is a great program that I want to get to know better.  I haven't been following Michigan but I talked with Coach Ferrigno and he told me about how he coached Tony Gonzalez when he was at Cal and that really got my attention.  I obviously know about Denard Robinson and they just have a historical program.

Where does Michigan rank?  They are one of my top schools.  I want a school that is going to utilize the tight end and Coach Ferrigno has told me that they definitely do.  They use them both on the line and split out wide so I like that and I also like that they had a big time freshman tight end this year.  Right now Michigan is in my top 5 with USC, Notre Dame, Alabama, and Ohio State but none of them are in the lead.

Decision timetable:  I will be choosing one of those five schools after I take my visits next season.  I might wait until after my senior season but I'll probably commit during the year. 

Luatua is an elite prospect at the tight end position and holds nearly 20 offers already and will be able to play wherever he wants.  The fact that he puts Michigan in his "final" top-5 already is very promising.  He told me distance did not matter to him which looks true as USC is the only school anywhere near where he currently lives in his top-5.  Anytime you are going after the #1 player at his position the competition is going to be fierce but Luatua seemed to really grab onto the fact that tight ends coach Dan Ferrigno helped mold Tony Gonzalez into the best tight end to ever play the position.  Ferrigno might end up being the secret weapon in Luatua's recruitment but this one is a battle of the big boys.


  1. Dam CB3 doing work today.

    On to Tyler Luatua. Dam kid has game. A TE that play like a LB. This kid is a must have.

  2. Yup decided to pump out everything I had in the bank. Gotta get some new material now.

  3. I don't see him going to Ohio State as they don't use their tight end that much, Alabama does but they just got O.J. Howard, USC I do not know, and Notre Dame I know uses their tight end but not as much as Michigan, although Michigan has 2 TEs in this class and may be getting a third and 2 in last class. This all leads to USC I think.

  4. ahhh Darin, unfortunately you didnt factor in that his brother plays at Alabama.

  5. @Awink Didn't know that, thanks for the insight