Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Jonathan Hilliman Update

Jonathan Hilliman received an offer from the Michigan coaching staff a while ago and I was able to talk to him not long after in July of last year.  Hilliman wanted to visit Michigan back then for the BBQ at the Big House but was unable to work it out.  He is now set to make his first visit to Ann Arbor in just over a week.  Jonathan is a very cool kid to talk to and is open about his legitimate interest in the Wolverines.  That bodes well for Michigan as he has yet to set foot on campus.  Hilliman has a very close relationship with his dad that makes for a solid support system which we know the coaches value.  I actually put Hilliman in the "Projected 2014 Class" after talking with him and learning of his interest in Michigan and about his character.  That was pretty much a guess on my part but I do think its possible.  Hilliman will be in Ann Arbor on March 23 and 24 and he told me he is just excited to see everything Michigan has to offer.  He said "I'm excited! I can't wait to see Wolverine Nation and the Big House."  Hilliman is not close to deciding yet so a commit watch is not at all necessary but I think a solid visit could put Michigan in the drivers seat.  Jonathan told me tonight that if he commits to Michigan I will be the first person to know.  That sounds great but I quipped back with, "Maybe you know you're safe to say that because you already know you aren't committing to Michigan?"  He just laughed and said goodnight.  We had already exchanged several joking texts so I'm not sure there is any merit to his response but the fact remains that he is visiting Michigan in a couple of weeks and it could make a big impression.


  1. Just looked at his film,and wow. Good size and speed but also has moves. Hope his visit goes well - and hope he comes back for a game weekend.

  2. This kid is a gamer. UM could really use him.