Saturday, March 23, 2013

Tim Cason Visit Reaction

Clarkston standout, Tim Cason, currently holds 3 MAC offers from Toledo, Bowling Green, and Western Michigan but a Woverine offer may be on the horizon.  Cason has had pretty regular contact with Michigan and he decided to drop by the Al Glick Field House today to take in a spring practice and came away impressed.  Cason was on campus this morning at 10 am to take in a practice and mingle with some of the players and coaches.  He said the visit had a very informal feel and when the coaches found the time to step off to the side and talk with him, they did just that.  Cason was able to talk with Coach Funk and Coach Manning but spent most of his time conversing with Coach Mallory.  Michigan was also supposedly hosting a couple of other recruits today but I was unable to confirm their presence.  Cason said he didn't interact with any other recruits either, aside from a quick "What's up?" to Shane Morris who was also in attendance.  Cason informed me that the coaches have told him they would like to evaluate him in a live setting and that upon their in-person evaluation he would probably receive an offer.  Cason let me know that if Michigan did offer it would be special to have the Wolverines be his first BCS offer and would put them atop his list.  He even said that a commitment on the spot wasn't out of the question but he would just have to wait and see how the rest of his offers play out.  Cason isn't just a local MAC caliber-type of player as he let me know that Michigan State and Alabama have been sending him a lot of mail recently, with the Crimson Tide inviting him to attend their camp.  Cason told me he was hoping for an offer today while on his visit but one did not come.  He clearly likes Michigan and if the coaches like what they see during a live evaluation an offer, followed by a commitment, might be in the cards.     

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