Monday, July 1, 2013

Noah Furbush Commits to Michigan

Position: Linebacker
Ht/Wt: 6'4" / 236 lbs.
Location: Kenton High School - Kenton, Ohio
Class: 2014
Other Notable Offers: Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan State, Missouri, Nebraska, Northwestern, Pitt, Purdue, Tennessee, Vanderbilt

With a throng of outlets reporting a commitment from Kenton, Ohio LB Noah Furbush, Michigan added its 14th member of the 2014 class earlier today.  With Furbush in the fold, coach Hoke has received 3 commitments in the past 3 days, further solidifying his intention to have the 2014 class mostly wrapped up before this season begins.

Michigan recruited Furbush as an inside linebacker and it looks like he has all the skills necessary to play the position.  Furbush exploded onto the scene in Ohio as a junior.  His highlight tape shows the ability to diagnose and blow up plays before they develop, often leading to one of his signature truck-stick hits.  Furbush is an imposing force in the front seven at 6'4" and 236 lbs, but the rangy 'backer also has the athleticism and hip fluidity of a skills position player, likely carrying over from his freshman and sophomore seasons at wide receiver for Kenton.  Furbush then added nearly thirty pounds to play his new position, outside linebacker, as a junior.  Not only did Michigan add a football-savvy linebacker in Furbush, but also a tremendous athlete too.

Furbush's coach Mike Mauk had some very encouraging things to say regarding his skill set. "He runs like a defensive back," Mauk said.  "He moves and changes direction very well.  He's physical and very aggressive.  He has a great nose for the football and a great burst, and he makes plays."  This all sounds pretty typical for a coach to say about his star player, so how does Furbush match up with other one-time high school prospects?

Let's compare Furbush's combine stats to players that excel at his position- inside linebackers from the 2013 NFL Draft.  Furbush's numbers are from the 2013 MSROHIO Developmental Combine at Lewis Center and in parentheses is Furbush's would-be ranking if he competed in the 2013 NFL Combine at inside linebacker, where he projects to play in college.

40 Yard Dash (electronic): 4.78 (t-8th fastest at 2013 NFL Combine)
Vertical Jump: 31.1" (8th)
Shuttle: 4.22 (2nd)
3 Cone: 7.37 (7th)

These numbers might not jump off the board on their own.  However, when you put into context that an incoming high school senior is posting numbers comparable to 15 NFL prospects, college programs will begin to notice.  This is evidenced by Furbush's offer sheet, which has nearly every school in the Big Ten offering.

Here is Noah Furbush's junior year highlight tape:


  1. CoAch, there certainly appears to be a lot to like about how Furbush plays; however, what are your thoughts concerning the likelihood of him outgrowing the position for which he is being recruited?

    1. I think it's always possible. The Michigan coaches are really trying to get bigger at the linebacker position, so I think this will be the norm from now on.

  2. I am a Michigan fan living in Ohio, and it makes me sick to even be near Ohio fans. Furbush is a small school kid, who has all the tools, but there are already people talking trash about a kid who is going to be a senior in high school, simply because he chose to go to a quality school with a quality program. Ohio didn't even recruit this kid, so I am trying to find a reason that these Ohio fans care so much. So glad that I am not an Ohio fan. Furbush hopefully will use this to fuel the fire to destroy Ohio in future meetings.

  3. They just don't like it because he's from Ohio and going to Michigan. Their losers...
    From what I have read, Furbusy is a smart kid carring a 4.0 GPA.

  4. Agree with Michael Mitchell and northernmi...Ohio is haters just because he's maize & blue! Not for any other reason, which makes ohioans nuts just like their mascot! i resorted to not even tryin to have intelligent discussions with them because with intelligence on both sides, its like talkin to a wall...all they say is "f michigan" or sumthin stupid. We ALL know what Hoke is up to! Think about it, you take a DOORMAT school for ages like Ball State to 12-0...a messed up team like San Diego state to conference notables, what do you think he's gonna do with a big time alumni support and program??!! Lol He will be rivaling Nick Saban when its all said and done and Hoke is CLASSY and NO NONSENSE unlike our coaches across the border who find coaches who will win at all costs. Lol smdh GO BLUE!!!