Monday, December 30, 2013

Monday Under Armour All-American Updates

Throughout the week, several Michigan commits will be preparing for the January 4 Under Armour All-American game.  This post-season exhibition game features the nation's elite college-bound seniors that will form two teams- Team Highlight and Team Nitro.  All seven Michigan commits were named to Team Nitro, but not all seven will be suiting up on game day as Wolverine commits Michael Ferns, Jared Wangler and Drake Harris will be recovering from various injuries suffered during the 2013 season.  That leaves Wilton Speight, Juwann Bushell-Beatty, Bryan Mone and Jabrill Peppers to carry on the spirit of the maize and blue down in Florida for this long-awaited test of skill, athleticism and determination.

This post will be updated weekly as more information becomes available regarding the performance of Michigan's 4 commits during practice leading up to Saturday's game.

Jabrill Peppers
Welcome to the Jabrill Peppers show.  The nation's top athlete has been getting rave reviews from everyone that has laid eyes on him during practice so far.  What is there to say about Peppers that hasn't been said before?  He's the real deal.  He has world-class speed, the aggressiveness that is accustomed to top-flight linebackers and the athleticism to harness his talents at multiple positions.  Here are some of the positive things being said about Michigan's top recruit:

Here is the interception in question:

Here is a shot of Peppers with his future quarterback, Wilton Speight, the day before practice kicked off:

Wilton Speight
The general consensus from everyone who has evaluated Speight first hand is that the Collegiate quarterback contains a unique combination of size while maintaining the athleticism necessary to extend plays.  The most common comparison that has been drawn thus far is to Pittsburgh Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger.  This sentiment was echoed by several people who were in attendance earlier today.
Some friendly competitive banter in response to Peppers' interception:

Bryan Mone
As one of the lesser-known Michigan recruits, Mone has quietly impressed at every stop.  Tipping the scale at 330 lbs., Mone already has the size and strength that Michigan desperately needs on the interior defensive line.  After suffering a knee injury during his senior season, Mone tacked on a few extra pounds.  Once he gets to Ann Arbor in early January, though, expect Mone to drop some extra weight and build on his already impressive motor.

Juwann Bushell-Beatty
It looks like it was an up and down day for Bushell-Beatty as he lined up against a pair of highly-touted 5-stars, one of which Michigan fans know all too well.  It looks like JBB has a bit of extra weight to shed, but this can be cleaned up in no time.  He uses his hands well and displays quick, choppy steps when dropping back in pass sets.  Here is some more on JBB from earlier today.

JBB taking on 5-star DE Lorenzo Carter: 


  1. Eric, I was there yesterday and meet both Speight and Peppers ( there is no way he is 6'-1") both were very nice.

    Speight looked a little rusty from not playing for awhile. But the kid is going to be a good one.

    JBB is huge and will be a good. Although I did not spend much time watching the OL yesterday.

    Peppers is a complete animal. The kid could not sit still. He wae always moving and working on his footwork.

    I did not see Mone at all. I will work on that Tuesday.

    I was not able to go Monday but I will be there Tuesday. Is there anything anyone wants me to watch for while I am there?

  2. I think everyone is pretty confident that Speight and Peppers are as good as advertised. If you could check out Mone and JBB, maybe get some footage, that would be great. I'm curcious to find out how Mone's hip bend is and if JBB's footwork slacks a but when going against top competition.

    1. I will try. It all depends on where they are doing there drills. But I will do my best.

  3. Eric give me your e mail and I will send you the video I took today. Because ESPN was filming I was very limited on where I could go to film.

    Today Speight was up and down. He threw some very good passes and then he would throw some what were you thinking passes. But there is still a chance he may start in Thursday game.

    Mone is the real deal. The kid is every bit 300+ pounds. He has a very good push and has good hands. I think he will need to work on his side to side movement in college.

    JBB was running with the second team most of the day but when he did get to play he held his own.

    Now for Peppers. Man can this kid talk trash. The QBs tested him early in the 7 on 7 play. It did not go well for them. After that they did not throw much his way. At one point Herm Edwards got a towel then gave it to Peppers to give to the WRs saying here is your blanket because you are covered.Love Herm Edwards.

    Talk to Mike Ferns for a minute. His shoulder is getting better and I am sure he will be 100% by spring ball.. Jared Wangler got there late so I did not get the chance to talk to him.

    Losing Hand is really going to hurt down the road. That kid can flat out play.

    1. is my email. Thanks for all your help, this is great stuff. Very glad you could be there as I'm stuck up in Michigan for the time being.

    2. Eric I sent them to you. I used Google Drive let me know it that worked. Thank you.