Friday, January 10, 2014

New Year, New Changes at The M Block

Hey guys,

I think it's time we have a State of the Blog type address around here.  For the past few months, I've done my best to take over for Brandon and to provide you guys with the best content I could regarding Michigan recruiting.  This turned into far more than I had initially expected when I joined The M Block team back in April-ish, and I have loved every second of it.  

Writing for The M Block has allowed for me to explore areas of Michigan's recruiting that I had never delved into.  I've built relationships with so many great young men that all have very bright futures, and with coaches and administrators that do their best to provide for these kids.  Recently, I've been in close contact with Justin Cessante and John Vickers at HYPE, and that has been a great opportunity to more-closely monitor the Michigan camp circuit.  

I've taken a laissez-fair approach at The M Block, covering anything from football news, to basketball recruiting and even hockey updates.  This freedom, as well as the ability to work with my good friends Austin, Dan, Tyler and Chris has been extremely enjoyable from every aspect.  The old adage goes, "When you love what you do, you never work a day in your life."  This couldn't be any more true than in this situation.

Unfortunately, this is a turbulent time at The M Block and there will be some changes moving forward.  Each of us all have our own unique aspirations, and while The M Block has been an exciting part of our lives, understand that other aspects of life take presidence.  Take Chris for example.  In December, Chris became engaged to his long-time girlfriend (By the way, congratulations, Chris!) and will be obligated to focus on that moving forward.  As such, he will no longer be able to provide the basketball columns that we all thoroughly enjoyed.  Best of luck to Chris moving forward.

The next change at The M Block comes from my camp.  Much like Brandon, I have been angling for future opportunities in the journalism world with The M Block.  Brandon had the great fortune to move on to a great situation at MGoBlog, and we wish him all the best.  It looks like that transition has been solid.  From my perspective, I have had several opportunities open up as of recently, and I would be remisced if I did not explore them.  I have a feeling that my dream job is just around the corner...

In the meantime, I will be moving to Maize n Brew where I will cover Michigan recruiting exclusively.  I absolutely love The M Block and poured my heart into keeping everything running smoothly after Brandon's departure, but a multitude of reasons instigated this transition.  I hope I can count on a few loyal readers to carry over their viewership to Maize N Brew in the coming weeks and months.

With Chris and myself out of the picture, The M Block will be a bit different moving forward.  Austin, Dan and Tyler will remain and look to stay on the recruiting beat moving forward.  Austin and Dan are both full-time students, while Ausitn and Tyler both work full time, so give them some leeway at first.  Transition is hard on everyone, and it may take some time to adjust.  However, I am confident that The M Block will continue in my absence and can build on the great things that we have accomplished thus far.  

I will obviously continue to frequent the site and I may pop in here and there in The Locker Room.  This place is addicting, and I can't imagine myself staying away- at least from a reader's standpoint.  I want to thank everyone that has had kind words about my time here and I only ask that you continue to frequent the blog, but don't feel afraid to check out MnB if you don't already.  

As always, Go Blue!


  1. Well I can't say I am surprised.

    Eric thanks for all that you have done and I wish you the best of luck.

    Maybe blogs like The M Block, Maize n Brew, Big House Blog and Touch the Banner should all merge together as one blog covering everything. Just a thought.

  2. Well this sucks, it´s the third time this has happened since I started following the blog. It's too bad because there was a ton of information on this site that I could not find anywhere else. Hope the rest of the guys keep the blog alive. Thanks Eric por all your time and dedication. Best of luck,

  3. I like your idea Jer. Each blog could be a subsite that specializes in a different aspect, Recruiting, Game Analysis, etc. BTW, I went to college with Nuss. Don't know him personally, but it would be interesting trying to make contact with him. Born in Michigan but moved to Idaho.

  4. Thanks for all the hard work Eric. I may not post much but visit everyday. Good luck at the Maize N Brew.

  5. To add to Jer's idea, there is a baseball blog I have followed for awhile, called TwinsDaily. Surprisingly, there were several different Minnesota Twins blogs out there, some followed exclusively the minor leagues and prospects on a daily basis, others were solely built on the parent clubs activity. In 2011, these blogs (about 5) all joined and created a new site called Twins Daily. It's kind of like how Bleacher Report pulls articles from tons of different sources, the differences is the level of knowledge by the writers. There is one central hub to get all the Twins info you need. TheMBlock and others should definitely look into it.

    1. I like your idea Caleb, I think they should do it

  6. I understand you leaving to pursue other opportunities in the Michigan blogosphere, and as such, truly wish you nothing but success & happiness in your endeavors. Still, part me can't help but echo a similar sentiment as that written by carlos G concerning the loss of yet another talent at The M Block. Nevertheless, good luck & good fortune to you Eric, I look forward to enjoying more of your fine work at the Maize n Brew website.

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